With LONGRANGE® (eprinomectin), you can see the results of season-long parasite control.

Conventional dewormers last only 14 to 42 days. That’s not long enough to protect cattle the whole season. As soon as those dewormers wear off, parasites are waiting to reinfect cattle. Only LONGRANGE delivers up to 150 days of parasite control in a single treatment.1,21 - Dependent upon parasite species, as referenced in FOI summary and LONGRANGE product label.2 - LONGRANGE product label. And season-long parasite control can have a big impact on your bottom line.

Parasite control with

delivered an average of


more than DECTOMAX.2525 - Data on file at Merial.

Texas stocker trial

delivered up to an extra


over pour-ons.2626 - Data on file at Merial.

Results varied between 13 and 40 pounds for heifers and steers, respectively, over 104 days.

Cow/calf operation trial

outperformed all others over

103 days

by 28lbs.2727 - Data on file at Merial.

9-state stocker trial


These neighbors are doing more than staring. They’re talking, too.

Dale Bowman
Winston, OR

Louie Self, Cattle producer – Claremore, Oklahoma —

“I had heard from a friend that LONGRANGE would give me an economic advantage and bigger calves so I decided to try it and wormed all my mother cows in the spring. From an esthetic standpoint, the cows have a lot of bloom to them with very slick and shiny hair coats that lasted all the way into the fall. My operation has five years of weaning weight data, and this year because of parasite control with LONGRANGE, the weaning weights were 40 pounds heavier than the five-year average. With these kinds of results, it’s hard to not use it in the future. I would recommend it to all my neighbors as it has really helped my bottom line.”

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