The weight gain is real. And for just a penny a pound.

Conventional dewormers last only 14 to 42 days. That’s not long enough to protect cattle the whole season. As soon as those dewormers wear off, parasites are waiting to reinfect cattle – and suck away at your profitability.

But for just a penny a pound, LONGRANGE® (eprinomectin) delivers up to 150 days of parasite control in a single treatment.1,2

Use the Digital Dewormer to get an idea of how your current program stacks up for parasite control and herd performance.

LONGRANGE cattle outperformed competitor-treated cattle by an average of 28 lbs. over 103 days – even with multiple applications and used in combination.3

  • DECTOMAX® (doramectin) or IVOMEC® (ivermectin) 1% Injection*
  • IVOMEC or generic ivermectin pour-on*
  • CYDECTIN® (moxidectin) + SAFE-GUARD® (fenbendazole) + generic ivermectin (x2)
  • DECTOMAX + SAFE-GUARD + generic ivermectin (x2)
  • VALBAZEN® (albendazole) + IVOMEC® (ivermectin) Pour-On for Cattle

*According to local practice/label

Cattle treated with LONGRANGE had significantly higher ADG 0.28 (P<0.0001).

1 Dependent upon parasite species, as referenced in FOI summary and LONGRANGE product label.

2 LONGRANGE product label.

3 Data on file at Merial.

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